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aboutpicVick Wadhwa grew up in a small town in mid-eastern India with no TV, but with plenty of good books from the local school library run by Jesuit missionaries. After graduating with a Pharmacy degree, he traveled to the United States for higher studies. He became a researcher in the emerging field of gene therapy and received a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Ohio State University. He then worked as a scientist with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and contributed to the development of several bio-pharmaceutical prescription products. In mid‐2012, he decided to pursue new dreams as a writer and entrepreneur, with a focus on health and wellness. He is founder of a startup business named “Watermins”, with a unique preservative-free product named EMdrops (from Electrolyte Mineral drops), for adding healthy mineral electrolytes to drinking water. Vick recently started writing a health and hydration blog. And thanks to his young daughter & toddler son, he also has a deep personal interest in early learning and education. “S is for Smiling Sunrise: An Alphabet Book of Goodness, Beauty, and Wonder” is intended to be the first of several books.

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