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“The rhymes flow easily and are suitable for all age groups to appreciate… the material is perfect and so are the pictures!”
– Charmaine Raymore, Newbury Oaks Preschool, CA

“If you are looking for a picture book to add to your preschool shelf, consider picking up a copy of this inspirational title”
- The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

“This book is engaging and fun for kids and their parents with easy-to-sing along alphabet rhymes. The illustrations are bright and colorful and I highly recommend this book.”
– Ella Johnson,

“S is for Smiling Sunrise exposes children to the alphabet using more complex and interesting words. This book is much more engaging than your typical ABCs and will keep children as well as parents interested. From K is for kaleidoscope to T is for tasty, S is for Smiling Sunrise will grow with your own budding student, helping them learn the alphabet and expand their vocabulary.”
– Jennifer Hughes,

“S is for Smiling Sunrise is a colorful and beautifully illustrated picture book. The high quality paper makes the images pop, and the quality binding ensures the book will endure many readings.”
– Chris Hendel, Thousand Oaks Library, CA

“This book is a darling! Memorable rhymes and marvelous music, for fun and learning at the same time!”
– Penny Callmeyer, Vice President, Northern California Publishers and Authors Association

“Smiling Sunrise’s colorful illustrations, creative rhymes, and life-affirming messages are soul-nourishing, wholesome food for growing minds! Thoroughly enjoyed this book! I will most assuredly be giving this to – and reading this with – my grandchildren when they arrive!”
– Mama Marlaine, Founder of Parenting 2.0 and Creator of The Life Skills Report Card

“It is a novel way to introduce ABCs to kids and nothing that I have seen so far comes close to introducing concepts like this to kids other than the usual boring stuff.”
- Amazon customer review
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