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Smiling Sunrise Alphabet Song

WordsBright is pleased to offer a free mp3 song version of the book, A New Take on ABCs – S is for Smiling Sunrise. Listening to the song, and singing the rhymes will facilitate familiarity and understanding of the concepts presented in the book. The song can be also enjoyed on its own without the book — feel free to add it to your music collection and share with others! (for non-commercial use)

Please provide us some brief info below to download the mp3 song. This will help improve our efforts to improve book and song availability. We respect your privacy and your information will not be shared with others. Thank you.

Special note for Apple ipad, iphone and mac users: You may experience difficulty in downloading the audio file to an Apple computer or device, since the Apple iOS operating system has restrictions on mp3 song downloads (they generally want to force people to download only through Apple iTunes store). If this happens to you, here are two suggestions:
1. Please try the download from a computer, smartphone or device with either Microsoft Windows or Android operating system (or ask a tech-savvy friend to do it for you)
2. Please try a Google search i.e. “download mp3 to apple {device-name}” and see if you can work around the issue.

Smiling Sunrise Alphabet Song Credits: Vocals by Laila Berzins, instrumental music by Lee Darcy, audio mix by Roy Yokelson, lyrics and composition by Vick Wadhwa.